Michaela De Prince

In 2016, Michaela proudly became an ambassador of War Child Holland. The organization works exclusively to improve the resilience and wellbeing of children living with violence and armed conflict to empower children worldwide. As she grew up in Sierra Leone, she personally knows the deep traumatic effects of war and conflict.

Being an ambassador gives Michaela the opportunity to show that no matter what circumstances you are born into you can still dream, work hard, have perseverance, and most importantly … hope! Michaela went to Uganda (2017) and Lebanon (2018) to visit the refugee settlements, to talk with them about their experiences and share her story. She passionately believes in two things: psychological therapy and education.

In collaboration with War Child Holland, Michaela had her very own gala, “Dare to Dream,” which also featured Sam Smith and Brandi Carlile. First and foremost, the Gala’s mission was to help children affected by war and conflict and second, to get the correct psychological therapy, as mental health is equally as important as their physical well-being.

While their lives didn’t start in the best circumstances, War Child Holland and Michaela aim to empower from the ground up, so they have a better chance for not just survival, but to truly thrive. Michaela hopes to inspire young people that no matter what circumstances you were born into, it does not define you.

Daring to dream, Daring to make love a part of you life, and Daring to never give up